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August 12 2014

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Wedding Favors:

Never underestimate the significance of wedding favors; the ritual of giving out tokens, keepsakes, favors or bombonieres dates back a lot of years. Wedding favors symbolize gratitude that the bride and groom feel for sharing in one of their most important moments of their lives. Guests love wedding favors, it is the universal “Thank you for being a part in our day!” How will your guest remember your special day apart from all other weddings they have attended? Its simple: with the wedding favor you select to hand out. Choose a favor that means something to you, one that is long lasting and practical or one that totally shines your wedding theme. Distribute a favor that gives out an impression – one that will stand out – something so extra ordinary that won’t break your budget. Elegant? Sophisticated? Different? Stylist? Romantic? What is your wedding style? When selecting a wedding favor, you should really reflect your personal style. Wedding favor will always leave a long lasting impression on your guests, one which will bring out a lot of memories of your beloved special day. Favors can be inspired by the kind of season you’re getting married in, the theme, the setting, your passion or something that you’re obsessed with. Whether you are throwing a gorgeous beach wedding, or you are passionate about baking, hoping for snowflakes on your wedding day, or are extremely obsessed with chocolate truffles – your favors should be inspired by you and should fit in with your style. Start searching for the best wedding favor you could find by going online or through magazines, websites, shops, gift shops, boutiques, and chocolatiers. Collect ideas not only on the favors but also of how would you represent them to the guests, that means how would you pack them or display them. Look for things that are out of the norm of favors – something that you would really love to receive. Is your wedding based on a specific color? Colored candies in a tin! Customize them with your names and date of your special day. A scented or colored candle to match your theme. Does your wedding go round around a specific flower? Give miniature ready to plant pots from a garden store of flowers. Does the wine constantly flow, martinis are in vogue, or a cocktail party reception? Wine, wine stoppers, wine charms, martini glasses filled with customized cocktail mixers and stirrers wrapped up. Atlantic city or Vegas for a beloved time pass? Give casino inspired favors – deck cards, customized chips, lucky blessed ring charms. Thankfully, not like the historic days, brides are not limited just to almonds and candies as their wedding favors. Wedding specialists constantly make new ideas as trends to wedding favors change, annually and seasonally. Professionals need to come up with wedding favors which completely match the theme, stylish, trendy, chic – but still fits in the budget.
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